Friday, 2 December 2011

Regalos de Logroño

So since receiving the free bottle of zurracapote the other week, I've managed to blag some more freebies simply by virtue of being a guiri.  

Por ejemplo:

1)  When I went to the supermarket and my flatmate told the cashier that I'd never tried the sweet in my basket (polvoron), I was told to take it for free.

2)  When I went out for pinchos last night, the owner of the bar I was in kept giving my friends and I plates of different meats to try.  He also taught us the expression 'culo veo, culo quiero' (literally, 'I see ass, I want ass!'), which you can say when your friend orders food which looks so good that you need to order it yourself.

3)  Somehow, I've struck up a weird kind of friendship with the bus driver who takes me to work.  It's surprising since all of his conversation starters only include one word.... the first time he spoke to me, all he said was 'Rusa?' ('Russian?') and the second time, it was was 'profesora?' ('teacher?')  So yesterday I got on the bus and he gave me a book with parallel text in English and Spanish.  Bless him.


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